Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Bit of This and That!

Its 10:00pm and everyone else is in bed. The 2 oldest kids aren't sleeping yet. They are in there talking. Esteban's sleeping. He has to be to work @ 5:30am. I just read a book "Caleb's Story" by Patricia MacLachlan. Its a kid's book, but I read it anyway. I have clothes to put in the washer and dryer. I canned green beans out of my garden on Monday and Tuesday. I made bread yesterday. I make it in the bread maker and put the setting on dough then I let it rise in bread pans then bake it in the oven.
Esteban's dad (Esteban) is not feeling well. He is having problems with his blood pressure. He is unable to work. Esteban's mother ( Herminia) is taking care of him. So now she is unable to work. If you think of them please pray for them.
Esteban has herinia surgery on July 17, 2009 and he will be out of work for a month. Esteban Lee (6) is taking pianio lessons for Abby Smith. He is really enjoying them. He is learning fast. I was surprised. After he is done practicing, Fabian ( age 2) gets up on the pianio and flips thru Esteban Lee's book and does his practicing. :) It's cute. Fabian also gets out the notebook that Esteban Lee writes his ABC's in and points to them and trys to name them. I tell him their names then he repeats me. He copies every thing you say and do. He loves to watch "Bob the Builder". You tell me "Let's watch a Movie" and he runs to the bedroom and says "yeah movie". When watching Dora, Dora ask " Who do we ask for help?", Fabian says"Me" both times she ask the question.
Cynthia Yurelda (3), has a doll house she got for Christmas and she loves to play with it. Sometimes she will put her dolls @ their table and they will eat the same thing that she is eating for lunch. She cleans her "dog" house ( that's what she calls it) now and then. She'll take everything out and sweep it down with her small play broom then she'll put every thing back in it nice and neat just like mommy does it.
I would put pictures on here, but I don't know how to do it. I'm not to good @ figuring these computer things out yet. If someone is willing to show me how to do it, I'll take you up on it. Email me @ . Then I'll try really hard to put pictures on my blog. I know it's kind of boring without pictures. I do have a digital camera. I got it 2 years ago from my sweet hubby for Christmas.
Well its 10:30 and I don't want to bore you since there are know pitures on my blog. I hope that I can go to sleep after I do a few things. Those 2 older childern of mine are still not sleeping. Maybe I need to give them tylenol so they will go to sleep. Just kidding. :)

Have a good night!

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